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Table 1 Classified rewriting rules with respect to isomorphism levels

From: Structure sensitive complexity for symbol-free sequences

Class Homomorphism Isomorphism-1 Isomorphism-2
1 p Plr p Plr p Plr
Pl Llr
Pr Rlr
2 PLl L(1)lr Pl Llr Pl Llr
PRl L(1) Pr Rlr
3 PLr R(2) PLl L(1)lr Pr Rlr
PRr R(2)lr
4 PLLl L(3)
PRRl L(3)
PLr R(2) PLl L(1)lr
5 PLLr R(4)
PRRr R(4)
PRl L(1) PLr R(2)
6   PRr R(2)lr PRl L(1)
7   PLLl L(3) PRr R(2)lr
PRRl L(3)
8   PLLr R(4) PLLl L(3)
PRRr R(4) PRRl L(3)
9    PLLr R(4)
PRRr R(4)