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Table 3 The top-level classes table

From: DDO: a diabetes mellitus diagnosis ontology

Meta-level class Description Example subclasses # of subclasses
DDO:diabetic complication Subsumes all complications related to diabetes Acute disease, chronic disease, nephropathy, foot disease, and cardiovascular 3781
DDO:drug Subsumes all drugs affecting glucose level or pancreas function Analgesic, antibacterial, antihistamine, autonomic, hematologic, retinoid, antiasthmatic, immunotherapeutic 1042
DDO: laboratory test Subsumes all of the required laboratory tests to diagnose diabetes HbA1c, serum ketone, insulin antibodies, basophils count, C-peptide, serum creatinine, total cholesterol, direct bilirubin 83
DDO: physical examination Subsumes the physical signs that support diagnosis decision Smoking, physical activity, BMI, blood pressure, thyroid function, waist circumference, alcohol drinking 23
DDO: diabetes symptom Subsumes all of the diabetes-related symptoms Cholestasis, diarrhea, drowsiness, edema, emphysema, fatigue, foot symptom, hyperesthesia, nausea, numbness 152