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Table 1 Analysis of facial skin characteristics

From: Logistic regression analysis differentiates high from low computer users by facial skin conditions in a population of Chinese women

  Parameter/factors Method Evaluation sites
1 Skin spots VISIA (Canfield Scientific. Inc., USA) Entire face
2 Stratum Corneum waterloss Tewameter® TM300 Nasolabial cheeks
3 Skin sebum Sebumeter® Derma Unit SSC 3 Both cheeks and two sites on forehead
4 Skin elasticity MPA 580-Cutometer® Two lateral orbital sites
Both medial cheeks
5 Skin hydration Corneometer® Two sites lateral to each nasolabial fold
6 Acne Visual evaluation Entire face
7 Sting test 10% lactic acid solution versus normal saline Nasolabial folds
8 Stratum Corneum waterloss Red
9 Skin sebum Blue
10 Skin elasticity Yellow
11 Skin hydration Green
  1. Clinical measurement categories (parameter/factors) are listed for parameters in rows 1 through 7. Clinical endpoints listed in rows 8 through 11 were performed at facial sites associated with colored dots under “Methods” section and which are portrayed in the schematic face to the right of rows 8–11