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Table 3 Logistic regression coefficients of the raw measured variables for computer group

From: Logistic regression analysis differentiates high from low computer users by facial skin conditions in a population of Chinese women

Variable Log-odds ratio coefficients P value
Subjective sensitive skin-binary (not sensitive) −0.494 0.0470
AVG LR Chk wrinkle score −0.944 0.0064
Acne 1.487 0.0100
Cheek dark spot count −0.006 0.0175
Cheek skin sebum 0.031 0.0143
  1. Significant log-odds ratio coefficients are shown for the computer group (CG) subjective questionnaire (no applied lactic acid): sensitive skin, the cheek wrinkle score from the average for left and right cheeks, the front cheek dark spot count (number of dark spots) and the sebum levels on the cheeks