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Table 1 Criteria for alerting physicians and nurses

From: Impact of order set use on outcome of patients with sepsis

1. Patient must have at least 1 true value from each category (A, B and C)
2. Once it has fired it will not fire again for 12 h, per nursing and per physicians
3. It fires even if the patient has sepsis on problem list
A). Must have temperature greater than 100.9 F or less than 95.8 F
 (Considers T max last 12 h lookback)
B). White blood cell count (WBC) greater than 12,000 or WBC less than 4000 and Bands >10%, or lactic acid greater than 2
 Considers last WBC look-back up to 24 h, and last lactic acid look-back up to 12 h
C). Heart rate greater than 90 or respiratory rate greater than 25 or systolic blood pressure less than 90
 Considers heart rate max & respiratory rate max & systolic blood pressure minimum with in past 6 h