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Fig. 5

From: Modularity in complex multilayer networks with multiple aspects: a static perspective

Fig. 5

The detection result of EEG network. We randomly pick four layers from the multilayer network. The standard brain region division is plotted with different symbols: (1) purple triangle prefrontal cortex that controls thinking, perception, information memory, and attention; (2) white square premotor cortex that controls eye movements; (3) blue circle auditory cortex that controls the audition; (4) green star somatosensory cortex that controls the sense of touch; (5) red diamond visual cortex that controls the sense of sight. The detected result is presented as the topographic map of the brain where we directly treat the dominant eigenvector \(\mu\) as the community label. The blue region corresponds to the negative terms of \(\mu\) , while the yellow region corresponds to the positive terms, where the darkness indicates the magnitude of corresponding label value

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