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Table 1 The proposed algorithms for the construction of the prototype

From: An integrated decision-making prototype based on OLAP systems and multicriteria analysis for complex decision-making problems

Algorithms Input Treatment Output Observation
Algo 1: phase of computing criteria weights All criteria selected for the assessment Objective: calculate the significance weights of the selected criteria
Responsible tool: FAHP algorithm based on the geometric mean method
The weights reflecting the importance of each criterion See Appendix A
Algo 2: phase of identification and evaluation of alternatives (Stage 1) The values of the criteria already selected for the evaluation Objective: identify and evaluate alternatives according to the values of the selected criteria over a specific period of time
Responsible tool: Mondrian OLAP server (Pentaho 2016)
Visualization of the results of the evaluation and classification of the alternatives  
Algo 3: final evaluation phase of alternatives (Step 2) Weight of criteria already calculated
Ranking of alternatives provided by OLAP analysis
Objective: evaluate the alternatives according to the weights of the selected criteria
Responsible tool: PROMETHEE multicriteria method
Final ranking results of the evaluation of alternatives See Appendix B