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Table 4 Matrix for evaluating alternatives using linguistic variables

From: An integrated decision-making prototype based on OLAP systems and multicriteria analysis for complex decision-making problems

Critères EnC1 EnC2 SC1 SC2 EC1 EC2
Fct. Préference V-shape V-shape V-shape V-shape V-shape V-shape
Préférence (P) 2 2 2 2 2 2
Max/Min Max Max Max Min Min Max
Weight 0.585 0.129 0.134 0.059 0.081 0.012
Itinerary-Ref013 P N P L.G MP L.MP
Itinerary-Ref009 L.G N MP P L.P MP
Itinerary-Ref007 G N MP MP P L.P
Itinerary-Ref011 MP L.G L.P N MP N
  1. Italic values indicate the weight of each criterion
  2. The data in Table 4 are transformed into the Visual Promethee program to perform the necessary processing for the evaluation of the alternatives as shown in Fig. 20