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Fig. 1

From: Deep bidirectional intelligence: AlphaZero, deep IA-search, deep IA-infer, and TPC causal learning

Fig. 1

Bayesian Ying–Yang learning proposed firstly in 1995 a Bayesian Ying–Yang system. b Tasks by Yang passage and Ying passage. “Ying” is spelled “Yin” in the current Chinese Pin Yin system that could be backtracked to over 400 years from the initiatives by M. Ricci and N. Trigault. But, the length of ‘Yin’ lost its harmony with Yang, thus “Ying’ is preferred since 1995 (Xu 1995). Further details are referred to a section named a modern perspective on Ying–Yang and WuXing in Ref. Xu (2010)

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