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Fig. 4

From: Deep bidirectional intelligence: AlphaZero, deep IA-search, deep IA-infer, and TPC causal learning

Fig. 4

Deep IA-infer and casual analysis. a Star topology of state-action-state transition. b Star topology of state-state transition. c Action that goes to only one state. d Three variables in conditional independence (CI) topology (in a shadowed box), which is shared by one causal topology of \(T_1\) tree with its root invisible, and three different causal topologies of \(T_2\) tree with its root visible, where \(T_{\ell }\) to denote a type of trees with its total depth being \(\ell\). e Add a new visible variable and examine a new triplet. f CI \(\rho\)-tree and multivariate high order equations

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