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Table 1 Examples of top 3 most associated concepts and the association scores

From: Concept embedding-based weighting scheme for biomedical text clustering and visualization

Concept Association score
Alzheimer disease
 Intact concept
  Alzheimer 0.829
  Parkinson disease 0.813
  Alzheimer’s 0.757
 Aggregated word
  Presenile alzheimer disease 0.913
  Parkinson disease 0.903
  Huntington disease 0.895
Multiple sclerosis
 Intact concept
  Multiple sclerosis relapsing remitting 0.661
  Ms 0.633
  Parkinson 0.600
 Aggregated word
  Opticospinal multiple sclerosis 0.957
  Progressive multiple sclerosis 0.939
  Multiple sclerosis primary progressive 0.902
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy
 Intact concept
  Caa 0.601
  Cerebral 0.486
  Amyloid angiopathy 0.468
 Aggregated word
  Senile cerebral amyloid angiopathy 0.969
  Cerebral amyloid angiopathy genetic 0.965
  Sporadic cerebral amyloid angiopathy 0.960
Colon cancer
 Intact concept
  Colorectal cancer 0.799
  Cancer of colon 0.755
  Cancer of the colon 0.725
 Aggregated word
  Cancer of colon 0.980
  Colon cancers 0.944
  Metastatic colon cancer 0.943